Season runs November-March, with tryouts in late October for teams 14 and under.  Any tournaments after March 31 will extend the season and will require additional budget and fees. Tournaments will be set at a mandatory team meeting that will occur in November when more tournaments are posted.  Clinics will cost $10 each and need to be paid day of clinic or in advance.  The cost of try-outs is $25, and will include a shirt to be worn that day.

October: Tryouts for 14 & Under will be held at Hiwassee Dam High School on

              October 21st  9:00-11:00 and October 22nd 2:00-4:00

              Parent Meeting October 27, 2017, time 5:30 at Ivie Funeral Home in Murphy.  Commitment Letter Due.

November: Clinics, and Possibly one practice a week depending on gym space.

December: One practice per week, clinics, and scrimmages if possible.

January- March:1-2 practices a week, Clinics if available gym space & dependent on if it is a tournament weekend.


Base Fees: $400

Note: This is the base price for all teams, club level, travel, and non-travel/limited travel.  This doesn’t include clinics, extra gear/uniforms, registration fees, or try-out fees, if applicable.  Please do not register for USAV/JVA/AAU, this will be club directors duty. 


The base price is the same for each team, and depending on how many tournaments are decided upon, tournament fees and coach hotel (if applicable) will be split evenly among members of team.  I feel it is best to set a schedule and be aware of the amount before setting a tournament and hotel budget.  The game experience is what is most beneficial, so it is important to choose wisely to gain experience, not just to go for wins.  The ultimate goal is to prepare your athlete for the next volleyball season, whether it be Recreational Leagues, Middle Schools, High Schools, or College one day. Included in fees as a member of Tri-State Extreme:

  • Practices/scrimmages/play dates

  • Officiating clinic

  • Tournaments (if agreed upon)

  • Coaches fees (salary, travel, gear, registration, background)

  • Club Administrative fees

  • Team Registration fees

  • Facility – Rental, equipment, medical supplies


Travel vs. Non-travel

It is important to remember our ultimate goal: to teach girls proper volleyball skills to prepare them for the next season.

With that being said, we realize tournaments and travel requiring hotels isn't an economical decision for beginner youth.

So, what we mean by travel vs. non-travel is really limited travel.  We want girls to improve skills in practice and learn more specific positions and focus on three-touch volleyball instead of "ping pong volleyball".  The girls on the non-travel team will still have to travel for a couple of scrimmages or playdates, but it will most likely not be formal tournaments.  Both travel and non-travel will follow the same schedule, and the commitment level should be the same.

As we build our club from the ground up, we realize we will adjust as necessry.  Our future goal is to offer volleyball to all junior girls and place them on a team that best suits their needs.